Leaked Pics Of Samsung Galaxy S10 And Specification

Leaked Pics Of Samsung Galaxy S10 And Specifiaction

Galaxy S10 Leaked Pics

Leaked Pics Of Samsung Galaxy S10 And Specifiaction
Pic source- Ice Universe

Ice Universe  a prominent Samsung leaker posted a image on Twitter alongside a caption that said “this may be a design beyond.” As we all know ‘beyond’  is a code name for Samsung Galaxy S10 . In my previous article I told you why You Should Be Excited For Galaxy S10 . So in this article we will check out some of leaked features or rumours of Galaxy S10.

Leaked Features Or Rumours Of Galaxy S10

1. In-display Fingerprint Scanner

So it is confirmed that we can see a In-display Fingerprint Scanner in Galaxy S10. This was confirmed by Korean news outlet “ET News”. Vivo has already  launched In-display Fingerprint Scanner in their smartphones but I think Galaxy S10  will have better In-display Fingerprint Scanner. There is also a news that S10 will use an ultrasonic sensor from Qualcomm.

2. A New Design

Samsung Galaxy S9 looks almost similar to the Galaxy S8 so its time to bring a new design from Samsung. So we can see a new design like Oppo Find X or Vivo NEX.  But its  confirmed that we cannot see a notch in Samsung Galaxy S10.

3.  Dual Or Triple-Lens Cameras

Samsung’s flagship phones provide one of the best cameras to its users. The news is that a triple-lens camera has already been rumored.

4.  Improved AR Emoji

Personally I dont like AR emoji but AR Emoji was one of the more hyped features of the Galaxy S9. So we can see a new improved version of AR Emoji  for Galaxy S10.

 5. Sound On Display Technology

At a recent Samsung display event the company showed of its new Sound On Display Technology this uses an actuator or motor behind the display which vibrates the screen very subtly to emit the sound. So I think it can be used as alternative for earpiece.


As well as there are many rumours telling that Galaxy S10 has a 3D sensor  and could have a ridiculously sharp 600ppi display.


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