This Is Why You Should Be Excited For Galaxy S10

This Is Why You Should Be Excited For Galaxy S10

This Is Why You Should Be Excited For Galaxy S10

This Is Why You Should Be Excited For Galaxy S10

As we all know that Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+  doesn’t seem to have any surprises and it seems like Galaxy Note 9 is also going to be just boring. But what about Galaxy S10? Will it bring any surprises like Vivo Nex ? So I was doing some digging through everything that we do know. So without wasting time lets checkout.

Reasons To Get Excited

1. No Notch

As we know that there is no notch for upcoming  Galaxy Note 9 and other samsung phones so it doesn’t make any sense that they will include a notch for  Galaxy S10. Mainly they  have already made fun of notch in their advertisement. Personally I think it will have a full full screen like Vivo Nex .

2. In-display Fingerprint Scanner

So it is confirmed that we can see a In-display Fingerprint Scanner in Galaxy S10. This was confirmed by Korean news outlet “ET News”. Vivo has already  launched In-display Fingerprint Scanner  in their smartphones but I think it will be better then other In-display Fingerprint Scanner. There is also a news that S10 will use an ultrasonic sensor from Qualcomm.

3.  Sound On Display Technology

At a recent Samsung display event the company showed of its new Sound On Display Technology this uses an actuator or motor behind the display which vibrates the screen very subtly to emit the sound. So I think it can be used as alternative for earpiece.

4.  Failing of S9 and S9+

S9 and S9+ is one of the best phones but in the sales department it weren’t the best. So I think Samsung will bring some interesting features so it will do better in sales department.

5. 10th Anniversary

So 2019 is going to be 10th anniversary ans Samsung has referred to the phone as their 10th anniversary device. So it will be more exciting than any other Samsung smartphones.


As well as there are many rumours telling that Galaxy S10 has triple camera, a 3D sensor  and could have a ridiculously sharp 600ppi display.


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